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Louisa graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a Degree in Costume Design. Taking her first steps in indie narrative while training up in the business of commercials has given Louisa a flexible style of design, and a knowledge of what is needed in both worlds. This has served her well in her career, moving between series, feature and promo with ease.

“I relish the chance at storytelling & world building that narrative film brings, what does a characters costume say to the audience, an unspoken exposition? Or part of a ruse? What is the character trying to project onto the world, and are they succeeding or failing? It’s a wonderful process to go through with the Director and Cast and my greatest honour is hearing that the costume design helped explore new layers within a character.

With promotional work it’s all about the time you have to make an impact, to get across as quickly as you can what’s most important about this concept, is it recognisable characters, aesthetics, references or a feeling? The fast turn around and ambitious drive behind these projects is exhilarating and I thoroughly enjoy it.”

Louisa believes concept and communication are key – and a good team behind you. 

She loves pouring herself into research, the Clash and Yves Klein Blue.