-Born and Bred in South London,

-Studied Costume Design at the Edinburgh college of Art,   

-I pride myself on my hard work, creativity and unique design perspective. 

-Not a great writer, but very very good with pictures.

Represented Undercranked : KirstenBeith@undercranked.net


Feature length

MARTYRS LANE (Post Prod) Directed by Ruth Platt
ERICA. Directed by Jamie Stone. Flavourworks LTD
I TOLD MY MUM I WAS GOING ON A R.E TRIP. Directed by Lindy Heymann. BBC
ARTHUR & MERLIN. Directed by Marco Van Belle. Movie works LTD
RED KING RISKING. Directed by Navin Dev. 1406 pictures

Shorts, styling & promo work
ORBIT EVER AFTER. Directed by Jamie Stone. Humdinger films/ BFI lighthouse
Nominated for Best British short film Bafta
Audience award winner at the british short film festival in Berlin
Winner of the Brief encounters Grand prix award at Encounters short film an animation festival
ELEPHANTS. Directed by Daina O’Pusic. LFS and Slavica films
Winner of the Roen Best fiction award
AFRO PUNK GIRL. Directed by Annetta Laufer. Roman Candle productions
Winner Best Film at the Black International Film Festival
ON THE BEACHES. Directed by Luke Rodgers. Walnut Pictures
FLOAT (Pilot) Directed by Bella Pryde. Black Camel Pictures & BBC Scotland
THE COST OF LIVING. Directed by Alice Trueman
CTN Commercial films – 3 short films commissioned by the government on public safety. CTN communications.
ROADKILL. Directed by Reggie Yates. Keo productions
KING NO ONE. OOMM tour stagewear.
PINEAPPLE (post prod). Directed by Max Lincoln. Come away films.
SHELTER. Directed by Reggie Yates. Hillbilly productions
HALLY WELLS. Directed by Sally Peirce. UK Film council
SKYBORNE. Directed by Jamie Stone. Humdinger films
PANIC BUDDY. Directed by Robb Mckillop. Microwave/Tom Legget
MURDEROUS TIMES – Warsnare music promo. Visitor studios
BANG BANG - Iwan Rheon music promo. Directed by Mahahlia Belo. Feel Films
JOAN OF ARC. dramatic historical re-enactment - Matchlight productions . Commissioned by the BBC
COMMUNION. Directed by Andrea Harkin. NFTS
SPIRIT OF 69. Dr Martens stills campaign. Photographer Gavin Watson. ODD